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Are you 55+ and would like to live right where you are as you grow older? While you may say yes, perhaps you do not drive, could use a little tech support, help with changing a light bulb or getting something from you attic to feel confident in your ability to take care of yourself physically.  Maybe you would enjoy a little company from time to time or are in need of a trusted and discounted recommendation for a handyman.

Villages are volunteer driven, grass-roots organizations that coordinate access to affordable services through both volunteers and paid staff.  Services will include but are not limited to transportation, home repairs, social activities, light house cleaning and various other day to day needs, empowering our members to remain connected to their community as they age in place.

The village network understands that it can be difficult to handle maintenance and upkeep on your home as you get older.  We can assist through the use of vetted volunteers and a recommended professional provider list to assist with these tasks.


Being able to age in your home is preferred and valued by almost every aging adult.  However, it can become very isolating and lonely.  Our number one goal is to provide engaging social events and interest groups for our members to encourage a sense of community among members.

As a member of the Charlotte Village Network it is our hope you will build new and lasting friendships through a variety of social events and activities.  Social interaction is very important to the psycho-social well-being of all seniors and we look forward to learning from each of you what events and activities we can offer to enhance your overall quality of life. 



Rise and Shine! In an effort to provide the best and most efficient support possible each member will receive an daily phone call to ensure we are meeting your needs to the fullest.  We care about each of our members individually and it is important for us to know how we can best assist your daily goal of aging in place. 

Have an appointment? Not feeling well? Have something to celebrate? Need a technical problem fixed?  Just let us know when we call.  It is that simple. We can offer support for your weekly errands and doctor appointments to ensure you can get where you need to or maybe we can lend a helping hand assistance with dog walking while recovering from a surgery, etc. Regardless, we call because we care, please let us know how we can best support you. 

Contact Us: 980-272-1426