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Charlotte Village Network creates a positive aging experience for older adults living in the home they love by coordinating a diverse support system of community volunteers and services.


What makes out not-for-profit unique and rewarding?  It is highly volunteer driven and there are opportunities to time bank for yourself, your parents or favorite friends. Volunteers of all ages are welcome.  We are looking for a wide array of volunteers from staff commitments, vendors, drivers, or to volunteers assist members with simple tasks of daily living and technology. 

To be a member of the Charlotte Village Network there is an annual fee with scholarship opportunities for those that cannot afford the operational fee that keeps this unique program running.  However, our volunteers have the ability to time bank their hours of service making the Village within reach and a solution for their own futures or the future of other.  We hope you will join us on this journey to help make Charlotte an age-friendly community. 

Contact Us: 980-272-1426