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Next Steps

Ready to join our volunteer teams? Volunteering every day or even every week… it means you can offer to do the tasks you like, the skills you like to use, and the days/times you may be available

Step 1

Complete a Volunteer Application. We conduct a background check (by a third party) to ensure the safety of our volunteers and our members.

Volunteer drivers have additional requirements: current NC Driver’s License, proof of insurance, and a driving record check.

Print Application, and mail to:

Step 2

A volunteer team member will contact you to schedule an initial interview to discuss your interests which will help match you with opportunities and various member requests.

Step 3

After we receive the results of your background check, you will receive:

  • Options for Charlotte Village Network Teams
  • Priority access to the volunteer section of our website
  • An orientation
  • Necessary training prior to volunteering
  • An online Volunteer Handbook

Step 4

You get to select a volunteer role from a list of opportunities either online or by contacting us.

Begin helping others!